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Apartment Biba

Arandjelovac, private vacation rentals and lodging, with a view to Bukulja and 300m from the park Bukovička spas and aqua parka.Smeštajni area is up to 6 people 70m2 and consists of hallway, living room, kitchen, triple and double rooms, kupatilom.Za guests who arrive by car, and parking is provided and (garage) .The cost of accommodation ranges from 675.00 pounds to 905.00 pounds, depending on the number of guests and the number of prenoćišta.Za additional information as well as the agreement call and schedule the br.tel.063 / 85-93-120 Biba Pricing in Apartment Biba * Price for one, two or three people (per person) is 905.00 RSD * Price for four or five people (per person) is 675.00 RSD * Price petokrevetnog entire apartment is 3375.00 dinars * NOTE * Children under 7 years do not pay BT-tax * tax reduced to 50% of persons paid from 7 to 15 years of age * the prices are included BT-fees, taxes and health insurance